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Ben Fogle Supports Green Cleaning

Back in July Ben Fogle, the intrepid adventurer and TV presenter, launched a riverbank clean-up to tackle the growing problem of water pollution in our streams, rivers and even out at sea. As part of his campaign he is urging people to think carefully about what they are washing and flushing away into the water system and to change their cleaning habits to become more environmentally aware.

As a lover of the water, Ben Fogle has spent many hours swimming off the UK’s coastline and braving the chilly rivers for a spot of wild swimming, so he was best placed to see first-hand the impact that everyday pollutants are having on our natural water supply.

According to Ben Fogle’s own article in the Daily Telegraph, harmful chemicals from everyday household cleaning products make up the vast majority of pollutants found in the UK marine ecosystem.

He has teamed up with the Barefoot Beach Clean – who have extended their campaign to include rivers, lakes, streams and canals - to encourage everyone to think about our British waterways and coastlines and to make small changes to their cleaning habits that could have long term beneficial effects for the marine life that surrounds us. One change he is advocating is that people buy green, river-friendly cleaning products.

Water Pollutants in Household Cleaning Products

According to the National Geographic, the “worst environmental hazards in household cleaners” are:

- Ammonia which is a multipurpose cleaner found in many cleaning products

- Nitrogen which is found in glass and floor cleaners

- Phosphorus which is used in dishwasher detergents

These three contaminants cannot be removed by water treatment facilities and so are regarded as the most dangerous of water contaminants. They accelerate the growth of some plant life such as algae, which suffocates marine life in rivers, lakes and canals.

River-Friendly Cleaning Products

Luckily there are now plenty of alternatives and it is possible to buy green shampoos, detergents, cleaners, paints and skin creams all of which contain only natural ingredients that won’t threaten our marine life with pollution. They may be more expensive than your usual brand but they will be just as effective and will keep your home and our waterways clean.

Green cleaners are also beneficial for your health in the long term as scientists have discovered that many of these contaminants also get into our systems, either through inhaling fumes, absorbed into the skin or accidently ingested.

Ben Fogle and the Barefoot Beach Clean want everyone to know the long-term impact that pollution is having on our waterways in the hope that people will change their ways and consider the environmental impact not just of the things that we buy but also of the things that we throw and rinse away. Changing your cleaning products may be just a small step in the right direction but if everyone followed suit that would be a huge leap in ensuring that the British marine ecosystem remains healthy for the next generation to enjoy.

Published: 2012-08-25 16:31:22