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Health Concerns of Anti-Bacterial Cleaners

A recent news article in – an American magazine for the food industry – noted that raising public awareness of the bacteria in our homes has increased the sales and usage of industrial strength cleaners.

Demand for anti-bacterial hand wash has grown and now you would be hard pressed to find soap, washing liquid, bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner that do not contain any anti-bacterial agents; but just how healthy is this recent trend?

Whilst there is good reason to be concerned about pathogens such as Salmonella and E.coli, most of the bacteria that lurks in our homes is actually harmless and most household cleaners kill not only the harmful pathogens but also the bacteria that we need in our systems. Household cleaners in particular are also responsible for killing a lot more than harmful bacteria.

In 2000 the World Health Organisation sent out a clear warning that the rise of anti-bacterial products was directly contributing towards a surge in antibiotic resistant bacteria. Even more worrying was the statement issued by the American Medical Association who said: “(bacterial) resistance ascribed to overuse of antibiotics is a growing problem and there is concern that some types of infections will eventually not be treatable with antibiotics.”

So just how can you make sure that your home is free from harmful pathogens such as Salmonella whilst ensuring that your immune system remains healthy?

This is where so-called Green Cleaning Companies come to the forefront. For years people used to rely on good old soap and water and now there is scientific support to encourage householders to go back to this old fashioned way of cleaning which is just as effective as any potions you can buy off the shelf.

Distilled vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial agent. If you mix this with water and baking soda you have your own green cleaner that is effective in both the kitchen and the bathroom. If you want a stronger anti-bacterial spray then just add more vinegar.

Lemon juice is also a natural anti-bacterial and can be used as a hand cleanser. Use it to clean your oven and to get rid of greasy stains whilst caring for your hands at the same time!

The best thing about these natural cleaners is that they do not harm the wider environment such as ponds, lakes and rivers and they are not harmful to health either. Good bacteria will be allowed to stay exactly where it is and your immune system can reap the benefits.

More public awareness around the harm that household cleaners can do has led to the introduction of several Green Cleaning Companies which offer full house cleans, room cleans, oven cleans and carpet cleans using only natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. So if you care about your health and the environment then think before reaching for that bottle of disinfectant spray and ask if there isn’t another way.

Published: 2012-08-17 18:14:34