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How to Clean an Oven

We are always getting questions on how to clean an oven yourself, so here is a step by step cleaning process that you can do at home. The first thing to say about cleaning an oven is ensure you give yourself plenty of time before you start, I would suggest 3 to 4 hours but this would depend on the type of oven and the how dirty it is.  The best thing to stay on top of your oven cleaning is to have it professionally cleaned once every 4 to 6 months.

The picture to the left is the oven before the cleaning started, just looks a bit tired and need of some TLC.  Well thats where we come in, we removed the doors and stripped them down so we could clean between the glass and repair the handle on the main oven.  All the grills, trays and other removables where removed and left in  soak whilst we cleaned the main oven. 

The inside was a bit of a hard job but when you have the goal that the oven will not win, there is no oven that can't be cleaned.  Have a look at the photos below of the inside of the oven.

After we spent some time the oven was looking good again, alot of elbow grease, and degreaser and non scratch pads. 

The steps to clean the oven are below:

  1. Dismantle all removables and place in soak with degreaser.
  2. Remove the crusty parts of the inside of the oven by brushing them out.
  3. Soak the oven inside with degreaser gel.
  4. Get a non scratch pad and work in mini circles all over the oven, including the top
  5. Using a cotton cloth wipe the residue away and repeat the process
  6. Use a blade for hard burnt on carbon, but be careful not to press to hard
  7. Then go back to step 3 and repeat until step 6 until the oven is clean
  8.  Now clean the glass, inside and out and blade clean
  9. Clean the rubber seals with damp cloth and little degreaser, but wipe off with clean water asap.
  10. Now move on to the hob, degrease and wipe clean, then polish dry with buffing agent.
  11. Clean the jets if gas, use a small brush, work well.
  12. Now the sides of the oven, degrease and so on.
  13. Now go to your soaked items and remove one at time and clean with your non scratch pad.
  14. Repeat untill no more items left.
  15. Put oven back together
  16. Clean the front of oven using degreaser.
  17. Polish all items.

Note to remember always wash degreaser off with plain water. If you don't feel like doing all this hardwork yourself, give us a call if you're in our service area we can do it for you.

View the before and after photosof the oven clean

Oven prior to being cleaned

Whole oven after being cleaned













inside the oven prior to cleaning


hob after being cleaned











inside grill after being cleaned

oven inside after cleaning



















Published: 2011-06-08 20:30:00