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Taking the Sting Out of Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning is one of those time consuming jobs that is put off time and time again until the oven is so encrusted with dirt and grime, you can hardly fit the Sunday roast in! So surely only the toughest oven cleaner, tackled with breathing apparatus and gloves, is up to the challenge right?


 Oven cleaning is a tough job and it's little wonder that most people either opt for branded oven cleaning products that promise a deep clean or they pay an oven cleaning company to do the job for them. Oven cleaning companies and off the shelf products often have one thing in common, both generally use caustic soda.

 Caustic Soda in Oven Cleaning

So just what is so bad about caustic soda? Surely it cuts through all that solidified grease and grime? Well yes but the products don't come with highly visible warnings for nothing. You really would be better off with breathing apparatus and rubber gloves up to your armpits! That’s because caustic soda is associated with a few very nasty side effects should you either breathe in the fumes or get any on your skin, including:

· Skin burns.

· Damage and irritation to eyes and nostrils.

· Respiratory tract damage if inhaled.

· High exposure can cause lung damage.

This is because caustic soda is a corrosive agent and will strip paint, remove non-stick coatings and corrode certain metals.

It's also essential to get rid of every trace of caustic soda residue before using the oven again as otherwise the first time the oven is used after cleaning will release harmful fumes.


Green Oven Cleaning

Luckily there is another way to get your oven sparkling clean without the need for such harmful chemical agents. Yes it might require some old fashioned elbow grease but luckily our team of oven cleaners are more than up for a bit of hard work!

Non-toxic, water based solutions are used along with a lot of scrubbing to produce gleaming results both inside and out and your oven’s inner workings and surface will not be harmed as only non-abrasive cleaning materials are used. This will result in a longer life for your oven and a healthier cooking environment for your home.

Benefits of Professional Oven Cleaning

Getting professional green oven cleaners in may not be the cheapest option, but it's certainly the most labour saving and kind to both the environment, the health of your family and your oven as well as all these other great benefits:

· A green home is also energy efficient yet a dirty oven will take more energy to heat than a clean one, so just cleaning your oven will make your home more energy efficient!

· A build up of dirt inside the oven not only produces eye-watering, pungent smoke but can also cause a fire hazard.

· A clean oven is easier to maintain as potential problems can be spotted quickly rather than being hidden underneath months of grease only to emerge when the problem becomes a bigger costly one.

So don't let your oven spoil your culinary delights, go for the green option and have healthy cooking equipment as well as healthy food.

Published: 2012-08-15 09:17:59